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WASHINGTON/March 31, 2023/ PRNewswire - Evangelist Dr. Alveda King joined Marc Little and a mounting number of faith letters in issuing an open letter to address the tragic and senseless murder of 3 nine-year-old children and three staff members at the Covenant School in Nashville.  

Read and Sign On to the Open Letter for The Children  below.

Open Letter

Concerned Faith Leaders For The Children


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Jackie Jones



March 30, 2023

The tragic shooting at the Covenant School in Nashville gripped our nation as we all received the Breaking News that three nine-year old children and three staff, which included the Headmaster Katherine Koonce and her daughter, lost their lives by a former transgender student.

As pastors and leaders of ministries that embrace a Christian ethic, reaching over 1,000,000 followers of Christ, we extend our prayers and resources to the families of those who lost their lives at Covenant School.  We mourn with all of you.  

We know these mere words could never penetrate the depths of your sorrow, but we know the Holy Spirit is an ever present help in your time of need and He will bring you peace in your time of mourning.  

Our coalition of leaders is now mobilizing at the local, state, and federal levels to promote common sense solutions to fortifying soft targets, like our schools, to advocate for security software systems, on-site armed and canine security, and to repeal ordinances and laws that announce schools as Gun Free Zones.  We must end the invitation to our schools as easy targets.  We must also recognize the contribution mental illness has played in recent mass shootings and cease ignoring practical solutions that empower law enforcement to respond to threats before they occur.  

We are in a cultural revolution against God and country determined to normalize the things of darkness and to replace God from our nation at all costs.  The revolution’s agenda is fueled by sin.  We have come together across denominations and faiths to declare we will not be silent.  

We affirm there is no acceptable radicalization, domestic terrorism, or hate crime and we stand against it in all of its forms.  Moreover, instead of targeting parents who seek to protect their own children, we must demand the Department of Justice instead stop those who have plans to hurt them.  We commit our support to them in that effort. 

We now call on all Americans to join us in standing to protect our children across our nation wherever they are vulnerable for “[i]t would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew. 18:6) than to hurt one of God’s children.

We denounce all calls to blame anyone, any inanimate object, or the Christian faith for the senseless murders at Covenant School based on Tennessee’s duly elected legislators passing legislation to prevent minors from undergoing gender reassignment surgery and call upon all Americans to place the blame where it belongs, squarely on Audrey Hale.  

In the Service of the Kingdom of God,

Concerned Faith Leaders For The Children

Sign On to our Open Letter in support of our nation's children.

Thank You for supporting our nation's children.

Lateresa Jones

Founder, Grandmas For the Generations

Jane Snyder

Founder/CEO, Melchizedek's Treasure

Jeanette Maldonado

Jennifer Gray

Fundraising, MDS Communications

Jay Bunting

Bishop, Communion of Anglican Churches

Terry Doyle

CEO, Champions For Children

Dr. Jim Garlow
CEO, Well Versed 

Evangelist Alveda King
Alveda King Ministries

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
CEO, Schindler’s Ark International, Inc.

Pastor Marc T. Little, Esq.
President, Cure America Action

Angela Stanton-King
President, American King Foundation

Bishop Dean Nelson
Chairman, Douglass Leadership Institute

Samuel Rodriquez
Lead Pastor, New Season

Rev. Ralph Chittams, Sr.
Pastor, Landover Hills Baptist Church

Bishop Garland Hunt
Senior Pastor, The Father’s House

Bishop B. Dwayne Hardin
Senior Pastor, The Embassy ATL

Pastor Harold Dugger, Sr.
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Capitol Heights

Pastor Frankie Vega
Pastor, Arc City Church

Pastor Walter Hoye
President, Issues4Life Foundation

Dr. Day Gardner
President, National Black Pro-Life Union

Pastor Michael Anthony

Rev. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Pastor Rob Pacienza
Pastor, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Pastor Mike Berry
Justice United

Bishop Leon Benjamin
Pastor, New Life Harvest Church


Bruce LeVell



Allan Parker

President, The Justice Foundation


Dr. Charles T. Kenny, Ph.D.

President, The Right Brain People


Sherry O'Donnell

Physician, Rappha Medical Center


Yolanda Johnson

CEO, Family Matters Partership, INC


Virginia Nunamaker


Dr. Linda Lee Tarver

Member, Mordecai Mission

Sheila Potts

Patrick B. Gilchrist

Humble Servant, Dreamstone Funds Project

Linda Howard

John Rigler

Michael Longwell

Kimberly Oliver

Dr. Ernie and Silvia Sauve

DayStream Ministries Intl.

Jeff O'Dell

Founder, Eyes2C Inc

Apostle Ché Ahn

Founder, Harvest International Ministry

Yvonne Camper

Between the Porch and Altar Ministries

Mario Bramnick

Mario Bramnick Ministries 

John & Brandi Belt

Overflow Global Ministries

Leanne Goff

Leanne Goff Ministries

Tony & Millie Stoytchev

S&M International Ministries

Jim & Shirley Sustar

Sr. Pastors Heartland Christian Center

Pastor Samuel Gallucci

Embrace Church 

Pau Beshah

Founder, Centerprise

Diane Miller

Minister, Beth Israel JMI Honolulu

Francisco Tablas & Annie MacAulay

Mountain and Sea Educational

Mike and Debbie Sirianni

New Day Church-High Point

Robert C. and Theresa Kochert

(Former) Pastor, Living Faith Chapel

Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Senior Pastor, Free Chapel

Pastor Paula White-Cain

Paula White Ministries

Stephen E Broden

Senior Pastor, Fair Park Bible Fellowship

Brandy Gibson

Vice President, Gibson Global Ministries, Inc.

Cheryl Conrad

Director, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust

Randy Wayne

Associate Professor, Cornell University

Dan McCullough

Stacy Washington

CEO, ShareNet Ministries

Doug Carter

Ethics Professor

Cynthia Romine

International President, Called to Rescue

Lenore Gilbert

Director, Virtuous Woman  Ministries

Zadina Renard

Founder, Bread for Souls

Lynn Large

Joanna Kinnart, A Concerned Citizen

Personal and Holy Spirit Inspired

Eve Nunez

President, Help4Kidz

Janet Morana

Executive Director, Priests for Life


Deborah Tilden

Founder & President, LifeVictory Enterprises LLC


Michael Vigil

Alveda King Ministries


Roger & Linda Kriegbaum

Retired Religious Education Director, Catholic Church

Richard Holdener

Vice President, St. Albert Conference

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Fr. Terry Gensemer

Director, CEC For Life

Anne Reed

Senior Policy Advisor, Operation Rescue

Tess Gordon


Nancy B. Krupp

American Citizen

Tina McGregor

Patty Hunter, Media Advisor & TV Producer/Hostess, Patty's Page TV Show

Jess Smith

Special Education Teacher

Apostle John Arcovio

Spirit Led Family

Dr. Charles Stock

Life Center Ministries International

Ki Coleman

Freedom Fellowship

Dakota Andekin

Lead Pastor, Ridgecrest Vineyard Church

Apostle Jamie Centeno

In The Light Ministries of Philadelphia

Annie MacAulay

President & CEO, Marine Science Institute

Pastor Zach Chandler

Bridge of Hope

Pastors Adam and Candice Smithyman

Dream Mentors Int’l

Arman and Petya Lalane

Bridge of Intersection

Pastor Erwin Guevara

New Dawn Christian Village

Karen Beneventi

Jearlyn Dennie

Pastor, Jearlyn Ministries

John Brown, National Pro-Life Religious Council board member

Issachar Imperative

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