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America Agrees: We must protect mothers and their babies. By Dr. Alveda King

Gratefully, America now bears witness to the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade and held that there is no constitutional right to abortion. Sadly, and not surprisingly, some continue to respond with an apocalyptic tone. Fearful, false and alarmist claims of fascism, a war on women, and systematic inequality due to the Supreme Court’s decision still attempt to lead to dozens of violent attacks on pro-life groups across the country.

As it turns out, the anti-life propaganda is false. Thankfully there is a solution to calm the storm. Speak truth to power in a united voice of agape love.

Dobbs didn’t lead to a catastrophe for women’s rights across the country at all; instead, it merely returned the contentious issue of abortion to the states, where the people could debate the merits of the issue for themselves and elected representatives to reflect their beliefs.

This principle is the core of self-government, which asserts that the people—not the courts—are our nation's true source of authority.

But for the pro-life movement, this first anniversary of Dobbs raises a new question: what comes next?

First and foremost, the pro-life movement must turn its efforts to the state level. Already, 15 states have moved to ban abortions either entirely or after the first six weeks of pregnancy, and other abortion restrictions are pending in various other places throughout the country due to legal challenges. Nearly three in four Americans agree that there is not one but two lives at stake in the abortion debate, and these state-level actions are encouraging examples of the American people working through state legislatures to make their voices heard.

Members of the true pro-woman movement understand. We know that the life issue doesn’t stop at restricting abortion. Therefore, our goal is to reduce the number of women seeking abortions. Moving forward, our work must be to provide unconditional love and support for all parties involved in the abortion debate: the unborn baby, the mother, and yes, the father.

That’s why investment in things like foster care, adoption, maternal healthcare, and resources for mothers facing unwanted pregnancy is so essential in the days ahead. Thank God, we have tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of new lives which will be saved every year going forward, but we also need to be prepared to step up and meet the needs of so many new mothers.

Thankfully hundreds of pregnancy resource centers nationwide are already doing much of this vital work. Today, over 3,000 pregnancy resource centers across the country—staffed almost entirely by volunteers—offer vulnerable women some of the resources they need to take care of their babies.

These services include free or low-cost medical care, consultations, ultrasounds, counseling, childcare resources, and other services women need. In just one year alone, these pregnancy resource centers served nearly 2 million women, with a total value of care at an estimated $260 million.

Now, a year after the Dobbs decision, we can celebrate the most significant win for life in generations, and the supposed “right” to abortion is no longer enshrined as a substantive right in our Constitution.

Nonetheless, our work is far from over. My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., famously said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” While some states have moved boldly to protect life in the past year, there remains much work for us to do to build a comprehensive culture of life and show our love for unborn babies and their vulnerable mothers.

Today, our goal as believers is to cherish all life, in every stage, from the unborn baby to the vulnerable mother, to the elderly and infirmed. When we live this truth in our lives fully, we can then be said to be a culture, as the one blood human race, that values all its children, from the womb to the tomb; into eternity.

Dr. Alveda King is a Christian Evangelist, and founder of SPEAK FOR LIFE and ALVEDA KING MINISTRIES.

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