Hello. I’m Evangelist Alveda (GG, Gorgeous Grandma) King. For seven generations members of the Williams-King Family Legacy, the family of Martin Luther King, Sr. and his wife Alberta Williams King, have been preaching and cooking, providing ministry and hospitality in the midst of tragedy and triumph, trials and victories.


This book is a collection of the memories of those times blended in with favorite holiday recipes inspired by family members and friends. As far as organization of the meals, menus and dishes goes, look for a “flow” among holiday themes, with mementoes and notes tucked in between the bites. Get free QR codes and scan for video recipe demonstrations.


This is a “gluten friendly” homemade cookbook featuring homemade meals. However, any of the recipes can be customized with various types of flour and other ingredients which suit the palates of the cooks. Also, for those who shy away from “night shades” such as tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant, you will discover alternative dishes herein. While turkey is featured as a star protein in the book, any of the poultry dishes can be prepared with chicken as well, allowing you to choose your protein. And there are “veggie” choices tucked in too.


My friend Jan Horne is an incredible videographer, so look for her clips along with some “home video” YouTube clips from “yours truly”. From our hearts to yours, from our home test kitchens to your tables, we pray that you will enjoy this collection of food, fun, love and fellowship with us.

GG's Home For The Holidays Cookbook (2017) – Autographed