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Christmas Mercies and Miracles

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Brian Mayes


Every December Christians joyfully share the miraculous story of the virgin birth—the singular most foundational tenant of our faith. The Christ child entered the world as a humble baby and brought with him the miracles of hope and grace.

When asked if we believe in miracles, the resounding answer for Christians is undeniably yes. When we embrace the miracle of the virgin birth performed by our Lord and Savior, why doubt His ability to perform miracles on earth today?

In the face of the world's division and strife, the Lord can extend grace and mercy, and work miracles. Yes, amidst the chaos and disorder in our lives, the Lord can bring about miracles.

Do you believe in miracles? I have two miracle challenges for you.

My first challenge is to immerse yourself in the hope inherent in the story of the virgin birth, allow that miraculous hope to guide every day of your life—not just during the Christmas season.

The story of the virgin birth should not be the exclusive domain of the weeks after Thanksgiving and the new year. As Christians, the Christ child coming to earth and being born in a manger with lowly animals, this is our origin story. Without this story, we are nothing.

The second chapter of Luke should be on speed dial for us. We should tell it over and over again to ourselves and everyone. From the birth of Christ, we are reminded that in the midst of a life disrupting miracle, Mary showed undeniable faith.

The power of our belief extends beyond the festive season. It becomes a source of enduring hope and grace, shaping each day in life to embrace the miraculous.

The second challenge calls for tangible action, compassion and service. It is critical that we identify and engage in practical ways to uplift those in need. While Americans generously dedicate their time to food banks and meal drives during the Christmas season, the challenge lies in transforming sporadic acts of kindness into sustained efforts throughout the entire year.

Overall AmeriCorps says that volunteering is down. Far fewer Americans roll up their sleeves and lend a helping hand. I am not writing about only writing a check to a nonprofit. My friends, the needs go far beyond money.

The miracle is you showing up and being present in the lives of real people. I’m smiling as I think of the many people reading this who will say, “Oh volunteering and working with people is not my spiritual gift. That’s not where I think I serve best.”

To you I say, if the son of God can get out of his comfort zone and walk among the gentiles, then each of us can come down from our ivory towers and show real love and compassion to real people.

We are the miracle that the world needs. A poignant reminder of this truth has recently hit home with the departure for Heaven of our beloved Bishop Dean Nelson. Dean worked to do God’s will each day. He interceded for the preborn, the underserved and the marginalized. His loss is felt deeply by thousands. We do not mourn without hope, yet he will be missed. The miracle is that God gave him to us, and we will see him again. In tribute to Dean with all honor to God for sharing Dean with us, I’m dedicating our newest song to Dean’s memory.

In closing, with prayers for your health, healing, comfort and joy, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

In closing, with prayers for your health, healing, comfort and joy, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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