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Experience Mother's Day

Even though the world seems upside down in many ways, we will experience Mother's Day on Sunday. Notice I write the word experience, rather than celebrate. Our children are in danger. With death in the wombs and in classrooms; painful transgender surgeries and mutilations; and all forms of rampant child abuse, we are in trouble. There is too much pain, violence, and evil in America and around the world; and not enough Jesus today.

Yet, as all too many mourn, some will still celebrate Mother’s Day. Whether you are a mother or not, if you are a living member of the one blood human race today (Acts 17:26), God alone has granted you the gift of life from the sperm of a man and egg of a woman.

If you are grieving for any reason today, I extend my deepest prayers and condolences. If he were here today, my grandfather, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Sr. would remind us to “thank God for what we have left.”

My mother, Christian civil rights leader, Dr. Naomi Ruth Barber King would add this: “pray, love, forgive and keep living. Heal on your feet.”

My daddy, Gospel preacher and Civil Rights Giant Rev. A. D. Williams King taught me to love Jesus and honor my parents. Daddy would kiss Mother and encourage us to “keep on keeping on” because WE HAVE OVERCOME.

I’m grateful that Mother, at age 91, AKA “the Butterfly Queen” is still here to celebrate with family and friends. While we remain mindful that many need comfort and encouragement today, WE ARE NOT COLORBLIND.

Every living human being has a reason to take pause and remember; good or bad, happy or sad; God created us, our mothers chose life, and we are here.

As a mom and grandmother, for me Mother’s Day is always full of smiles and I must confess, amusement as I see the many things my six adult children and eleven grandchildren come up with to surprise me. They are all living miracles.

My mother chose life over abortion for me in 1950. While I unfortunately did have two abortions and a miscarriage; I repented, God forgave me, and still blessed my womb; and I’m a grateful mother and grandmother. Read more at How Can the Dream Survive If We Murder the Children?

While we don't know what Mother’s Day looks like in your world, or for the moms in your family (living and departed), we pray that yours will be full of mercy, forgiveness, healing, love, peace, kindness and joy.

After all, Mother’s Day isn't just a day for moms, but for the children who are here today because of the courage and sacrifice of their parents, and everyone who has loved and supported us.

Did you know that on Sunday, there will be millions of people celebrating Mother's Day because their mothers chose life? THANK YOU, MOTHERS.

THANK YOU. As a mom, I am so thankful that God made Mother's Day possible for these precious families. To all the people of compassion, thank you for stepping in and speaking up; for remembering that Jesus can when parents can’t.

And remember, as we celebrate, we also know that Sunday won't be a happy day for many women. All too many of our church family, our neighbors, maybe even women in our own families carry the dark secret each Mother's Day of a different choice. A life-ending one. These women also need our love and our prayers. They need healing.

This Mother's Day, I want to encourage and equip you to Speak for Life. Remember that children are a gift from God (Psalm 127). Every life has a NIA; a purpose.

Finally, whether abased or abound; be encouraged. I pray that your Mother's Day weekend is full of precious reminders of God's goodness and faithfulness, in every season of your life.

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