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THE BLACK AND BROWN AMERICANS (2019) treatise is a policy-driven collection of articles and op-eds regarding today’s hot topics. Those who have contributed to this work are learned men and women from various walks of life. This bi-partisan, ethnically and socially balanced effort is intended to be used as research to encourage further commentary and solutions regarding various topics.Contributors: Leon Benjamin, Mike Berry, Ryan Bomberger, Janet Boynes, Stephen Broden, James Cannon, Jr., Mark Crutcher, Catherine Davis, J. R. Ellis, Day Gardner, Joseph L. Green, Walter Hoye, Johnny Hunter, Harry Jackson, Jr., Cindy Jacobs, Bruce LeVell, Nina May, Clarence McKee, Dean Nelson, Y. G. Nyghtstorm, Bill Owens, Deborah Owens, Allan Parker, Elaine Riddick, Kyle Searcy, Carol Swain 

Black and Brown Americans In Search of the American Dream

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