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Liz Doyle - President Ulysses Grant Prophecy 6/24/23
Regarding Saturday's (6/24/23) Prayer Concert at Ulysses S. Grant Memorial upon the occasion of the anniversary of the 2022 USSC Dobbs Decision to overturn Roe V Wade

For your consideration- from Dr. Elizabeth Doyle, Founder of SHE LEADS AMERICA

“As President, Ulysses S Grant was an effective civil rights executive who signed the bill that created the Justice Department and worked with Radical Republicans to protect African Americans during Reconstruction!! 


He was tasked by God to protect those rights of the freed slaves, for such a time as this - the day, when the Lord would use former slaves of men to release the present slaves of the devil!


Acts 2:18 - The Holy Spirit will not only be poured on priests , or those who had been trained in the schools of the prophets, but on slaves, male and female - (servants and handmaidens)


God looks at the generations - the avenging of Eve and those who had been enslaved - becoming the end time prophets of God, declaring the good news, accompanied by signs in the heavens, and the Earth that everyone would know that it was Jesus on whom we call to be saved!


I submit that to you - and believe as we come into loving covenant with Jesus and each other - the “minority” churches will rise up to fulfill their full end time calling.


Speaking Truth to lies, Bringing Light into darkness, and bringing LIFE to overcome death in Jesus Name!


Every tribe and ethnicity! That’s why we were standing under the statue of Ulysses S Grant praying for the civil rights of black and brown babies.


We prayed specifically for each group!


On 6/24/23 After Monica’s declaration during the “prayer concert” hosted by Rev. Pat Mahoney and others, a Gospel choir shows up and leads the gospel song AMEN. 




Why in front of Grant’s statue?

Former generations honored by the prayer time and we didn’t even know it!!”

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