We minister to our communities adhering to the teachings of John 3:16, always with Agape love.



We are committed to  improving the messages in the media that inundate our youth and young adults. We produce television pilots, positive imaging, positive music and lyrics, poetry, YouTube, Internet blogging, book publications, radio shows, Internet talk and reality shows, and other creative projects. Purity, Discipline and Power are major themes of this campaign.



  1. To help our next generation prepare to enter school, and to do well in school, we support county-wide programs which provide books to children from birth through grade 12 at no charge to the family.

  2. We provide awards and scholarships to youth who are achieving the dream of uniting civil rights and moral justice for abundant living.

  3. We work with community faith leaders to mobilize volunteers from their respective congregations to support Local City Schools. Leaders are asked to solicit volunteers to tutor, to monitor halls, and to mentor, and support PTSA objectives.


We work to strengthen marriage, family, and reduce the high rate of abortions that plague our society today. We work with Heartbeat International, Care Net, Priests for Life and other organizations to maximize strategies to help those in need. Also, working with African American pro-life and pro-family leaders to maximize the education of our communities as to the problems and solutions to the abortion and family current family crisis. The dynamics and definitions of love as opposed to sexuality are also explored, with a strong emphasis on abstinence until marriage.



One Blood: Not Color Blind

Based upon Acts 17:26, we aim to unite the human race in Faith and Love.



Alveda King Ministries has designed a Rites of Passage program for local youth. Over the course of a calender-year, youth participate in a series of programs with the end goal of becoming young Virtuous Women and young Men of Valor. Programs include academic enrichment, fitness activities such as bowling and tennis outings, Friday night at the movies, cooking and nutrition lessons, etc. Emphasis will be on completing school to graduation, career planning, reducing youth and teen pregnancy and STDs, nutrition counseling, enhancing the work ethic and other values based programs, all part of a “values based success mapping agenda”.


Throughout history artistic expressions, science and philosophy have been interwoven “forces” which when combined can help to direct the socioeconomic shifts that impact the reality of humanity in the universe. Often we discover that throughout history some of our greatest “minds” have never been limited to one scope of creativity. Thus the poet can also chart the stars, the physicist can paint remarkable portraits, the composer can wield the surgeon’s scalpel; the architect can program computers; and so on and so forth. These gifts are not confined to genre, skin color, class, nurture, nature, age or gender. They are divine blessings to humanity. May the gift of “... And Let There Be Art” inspire you to seek and experience the benefits of the blessings.

                                                  - Evangelist Alveda C. King, Guardian of The King Family Legacy