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Talk & Prayer - Acts 17:26

Hello, my friends. Dr. Alveda King here. Or Evangelist Alveda King, or just Alveda. It is the summer of 2023, and I've been invited to talk about Acts 17:26, the One Blood Human race.

I pray with people all around the world. Most recently, Oregon prayer warriors have reached out to me. I can name many organizations and groups that I pray with over at Speak for Life (

That's an organization I have founded. We deal with life from the womb to the tomb and beyond. Acts 17:26 is the basis of many of our prayers.

Now there is the Bible open here on the coffee table that happens to be open to Psalms 91, because I believe we need the blessings of Psalms 103; the leadership of Psalms 23; the protection of Psalms 91; the blessings of Abraham’s shared Blood of Jesus Christ and Power of Holy Spirit with God as our Father.

Act 17:26

I used to teach law, business law in school and I would say to my students, (although it was a state college and I don’t know if I should’ve said it, but I did). I said, you know, there are many ways to God, but there's one way to God the Father.

And that's John 3:16. Since we all have to go to court and meet God one day, even the atheist, when you get to court, don't you want God to be your father? Well, Jesus said, I'm the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one goes to the Father except by me. So, you’ll hear me [many scriptures] in this discussion of Acts 17:26. It really goes through 17:26 to 28 of one blood. God made all people to live together on the face of the earth. So, One Blood, One Human Race.

I have a model. It's called the Three Headed Monster. And in that particular model, there's a hydra or a beast or a monster, monster with three heads and the way you cut them off is to cut them all off at the same time, to stab it through the heart.

So, when we think about issues today, through the lens of Acts 17:26, what is our problem? Is it racism? Absolutely. Racism is a problem. Socially engineered and built upon a lie that there are separate races of human beings. There's only One Blood and One Human Race. We have ethnicities. So did you say, well, I'm colorblind, I don't see color.

Well, you need to read the book by Alveda King and Ginger Howard. We're not colorblind. We see color, we see ethnicity. We celebrate it. We don't fight over it. Out of that issue of race, because the three headed monster I'm talking about is racism, sexual reproduction, and sexual perversion. So, with the race, oh, well, we need reparations because we've mistreated the black race in America.

Listen [there's] One Blood, One Race. And I tell everybody, give unto to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God, because we know Jesus said that. And when he was dealing with that point; [look at] reparations; that's another socially engineered situation that's going to cause a lot of strife because the people who feel as though they are injured and entitled to something; [and demand] “give me a check.”

And then the other people say, well, I didn't do it to you. And it goes on and on and on. So [we get] socially engineered confusion. That is the argument over skin color, over reparations.

Now, what I tell people, is well, give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, that’s kind of reparations. Not that I'm saying I don't believe in reparations, but I come back with this. In the Bible, the Old Testament; we talk about something called Jubilee.

Now, Jubilee requires repentance on both sides. All the arguments, all the fighting has to stop, and people have to stop and look at God and say, help us out of this mess because we've mistreated each other. Isn’t that kind of hard to do? To not throw the blame on everybody else and not acknowledge yourself. Jubilee, look it up. It is in the Bible. It's a real principle.

So, of one blood, God made all people to live together on the face of the earth. We're sitting here around the coffee table and behind me you see a couple of my books and one of my music videos. You see Martin Luther King Jr, for instance there. You see King Truths.

One of my music videos. And what about the highlights of my penning songs? Writing songs and sometimes singing with someone like Kathie Lee Gifford; Your way Yahweh. I wrote that song for my grandchildren. And then Kathie Lee graciously came by the studio to add Yes Yeshua.

Isn’t that amazing? I wrote my first song in ‘74. In 1974. Let freedom Ring, Let Freedom Ring. And thank God that King had a dream.

Now, it would not be characteristic of Alveda if I didn't digress for a moment, but I'll come back to the point, somebody says, well Alveda, who's your fashion designer, who helps you pick out your clothes and do your hair and etc.? Maybe you miss them today because you've gone on a camouflage dress and a flowery covering.

Well, you know, guys, we are in warfare. But we are not fighting to defeat the devil. The devil is already defeated. He has a title, Prince of the Power of the Air, but it's just a title.

Jesus, on that cross at Calvary, defeated Satan, came off the cross, went in the grave for three days. Some say went to hell and defeated Satan. Comes back with the keys of hell and death. Whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven.

So, I get dressed in the morning, I'm like, God, what am I going to put on? Am I going to wear warfare clothes to occupy the Kingdom of God, which is already here? Am I having on the full armor of God?

That's why you see the camouflage. I say, but it's summer and I want to look cute. Do you like this little chiffon look with the flowers? I do. Even think about the jewelry. John 3:16; For God so loved the world. So, I put that little heart on and got a star sapphire to remind me of the star of Jesus, my birthstone ring.

You know, all that kind of stuff. So, we have everyday situations. What do we wear? What do we do? And yet the Bible still says, don’t worry about what you're going to wear.

Solomon and all his finery didn't look as good as the lilies. The birds of the air. Now I have the grist of Acts 17:26. I'm going to come.

One Blood. God made all people. Now, speaking to prayer warriors. Oh, we are in warfare. The devil this, the devil… The devil is defeated. He's a liar. God is exalted. Jesus is Lord. Holy Spirit is awesome. We have to watch. My pastor would say this. I've belonged to the same church over 30 years. Believers Bible Christian Church. Our pastor is always saying, watch what you say, watch your words.

And if you can't say at the end of the sentence, don't say it. If you cannot say at the end of your sentence, and that's the way I want it,

don't say it, don't pray it. And really, even with prayer now, we pray, Lord bless me, heal me, and then we get up from the prayer and go, oh, my head is killing me.

My head is not killing me. I'm whole from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. Nothing is killing me. Jesus Christ is Lord. I plan to live forever, womb to the tomb and beyond. But watch what we say. Watch what we pray and Mark 11, have faith in God. And it goes on to say, and when you pray, believe and you will receive, we start right there.

And when you pray, people forget this part is right there. Forgive so that your Heavenly Father can forgive you. So, Acts 17:26; I'm trying to keep the focus on the request, but I've got some other scriptures that go with it and they fit in just like a glove.

Of One Blood, God made all people. So, racism, there is not… There is only one human race. There are not several races. We're not colorblind. We could see color; we could see ethnicity. We celebrate, not fight over it.

And we can even look at the faith aspect of that because for a long time I said, Abraham had a son, Isaac, which is true. And the promise comes through Isaac. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, absolutely. Abraham also had a son who was born before Isaac. Oh, he's the son of a slave woman. And Isaac isn’t free. Well, Jesus reconciled all this. See, we forget to go all the way on into the New Testament, and then we say, oh, the Muslims, they serve a false god. You know how that started?

It was a family feud. Two ladies got together trying to help God like Eve did in, all the way, go back to Genesis. She’s going to help. And you know what happened with all that help and God and listening to that serpent. So, we get here, the two ladies, Saracens. Hagar, her slave, her servant there to her husband, who became a second wife, and the slave had the baby first. And now that was absolutely a mess, by the way.

But God never loses focus. God keeps coming forward. Abraham had, and then I'll say, well Abraham had two sons. Well, it turns out when Sarah passed away, Abraham had some more sons. So, we have to pay attention to Genesis and to Revelation all the way through. Those tribes that are still fighting today.

Abraham's two sons, the Son of Slave one. Well, I don't want to same God that Isaac has because he's getting more attention. God loves him more. John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His son Jesus into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Christ would be saved.

So let me give you the solutions. Now, we've talked about, we've got racism and then with sexual reproduction, we've got transgender surgeries and all that kind of stuff. We've got abortions and everything, and then sexual perversion. Some people didn't even know in the Bible that Daniel was a Eunuch. He had to be. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego because they were given to the Chief Eunuch.

And what they did was steal little slaves. The little boys, they would castrate them, all that. So, Daniel, when he gets there, well, don't give me that food. And if you read a little deeper that's laced with opiates and all that, to get me used to being castrated, let's just let us eat our food and continue to serve our God.

There are so many things that we do not understand. The solution is, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all things will be added unto you. Acts 17:26, Reconcile to the human race.

Of one blood, God made all people to live together on the face of the earth. If you’re on the wrong frequency, you've got the world of flesh and the devil that's over in James and then the Kingdom of God.

Even that study that we do on the Seven Mountains. Think about it. There are seven mountains of influence, and that's important. But the Mountain of God, they either call it the first mountain or the eighth mountain, but it's higher. It’s the highest place. The Kingdom of God is among us. The Kingdom of God is here.

Acts 17:26, CRT; telling people that they're separate races and pay all the races back and all that. No, seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.

I want to end this particular study on Acts 17:26, although I've given you many scriptures, with a little song. I didn't write this one, I only produced it, and I spoke Acts 17:26 into it, into the recording, Living Colors. We are living colors designed to glorify God in the earth.

My friends, of one blood, God made all people to live together on the face of the earth. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the things that you need, and desire will be added to you. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.

Love, peace, joy, righteousness, righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. Dr. Alveda King

I'm Dr. Alveda King with a little note and a prayer. Technology is not all bad. Satan has a title, Prince of the Power of the Air. However, that's just the title. On Calvary, when Jesus died on the Cross for Our Sins, was buried, went into hell, and took the keys of hell and death from Satan and came back.

Jesus’ kingdom has been established in the earth and in our hearts. So, all technology isn't there yet. And I carry a couple of prayers on my phone and confessions, Bible confessions. I'd like to share this one with you.

God directs His people to worship Him, to obey his commands, and to sing his praises before the nations. We are called to worship God and to use praise to communicate the Gospel, to believers and nonbelievers as we intentionally, lovingly live and celebrate the gospel before humanity from the womb to the tomb and beyond.

Let us pray. Heavenly Father, thank you for your mercy, grace and glory shining upon all humankind. We pray for those who know your name and for those who are yet to be welcomed into your truth, light and blessings of Holy Spirit. Your love is real, safe within the heart of humanity. One Blood, One Human Race forever from the womb to the tomb and to eternity.

In Jesus name, Amen. God bless you.

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