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"When peripherals collide; convergence is imminent."

~ Evangelist Alveda King 


Neil Cavuto Interviews Dr. Alveda King for the 60th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther  King , Jr's "I Have A Dream"

Dr. Alveda King: Transforming A Culture One Note at A Time

As a witness to and practitioner of transformative visionary justice, I make my case today for positive reinforcement of societal transformation. Through what to many seems to be an onrush and saturation of film, literary and ... [read more]


Dr. Alveda King is the Founder and President of Speak for Life. Alveda has chosen to recommit myself to speaking for life and mobilizing an army of pro-life advocates that will boldly stand for the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb!


By Way of Ancient Africa, Greece and Calvary
A Literary Analogue by Evangelist Alveda King

200730 Colorblind Book Cover.jpg

We're Not Colorblind

Healing The Racial Divide

Dr. Alveda King & Ginger Howard


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